Happy Dragon Year 2012!

Wishing you all a very happy Dragon Year, 2012!

Thank you so very much for thinking of Japan and helping us in many ways!

♪♪Cooking & eating is delightful♪♪, in my favourite fairy tale, 'Guri and Gura' sing this song. I do feel the same!
And cooking and eating together with somebody is much much more enjoyable!!

I'm looking forward to having a happy cooking session with you this year!

Please contact at cooking@kyotouzuki.com
If you like, please visit the website
kyotouzuki.com and
Pottery Uzuki blogpage

Osechi:New Year's foods
Kyo- zouni:Kyoto style New Year's soup
Mushi-zushi:Kyoto style steamed sushi
Kuri kinton/chestnut sweet for the New Year's
Tai-meshi:cooked rice with seabream

from the left: ebiimo, burdockroot, kintoki carrot, gomame, yuzu, kuwai, yamanoimo and renkon/lotus root

Aymeric & Nikky
pin up en cuisine
Here is the letter from Nikky -- Dear Emi, We're just arriving in Paris. This trip was amazing and now I can say that "Nihon daisuki!" We really enjoyed the cooking class with you and we hope to be back in Japan soon.
Daikon radish & Kintoki carrot salad a la New Year's
The photo by Kate Good

Jan-Willem & Eline