Happy Rabbit Year 2011!

Very best wishes for a lovely rabbit year 2011!

Uzuki on New Year's 2011

Wishing you all peace, love and happiness in 2011.

I'm looking forward to having a happy cooking session with you this year!

Please contact at cooking@kyotouzuki.com
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Shiromiso zouni: New Year's soup a la Kyoto

Gindara(fish) no misozuke: grilled miso-pickled fish

New Year's chirashi-zushi; scattered sushi
topping: ikura(salmon eggs), renkon(lotus root), kuromame(black soy bean)etc.


from the right: Agnes, Sam, Dana and Maddie

from the right: Sally & John, Angela & Melinda

The new year 2011 came with a lot of snow in Kyoto.
Painter & Haiku poet, Mary Ray Cate sent the beautiful picture with these lovely haiku for the New Year's!   

out of soft white fog
orange rocks, orange willows
glow in the new snow

woods transformed by snow
beaver glides across the pond
something white in mouth

Sheri & Steve, Jacob & Adam
Please have a look at Sheri's travel blog
They love mochi sweets

Mochi/rice cake with red bean paste

Kinako/soy bean powder
a very good by-player for Japanese sweets!

Tai-meshi: cooked rice with tai/seabream

Old brocade 'obi' (wide sash) for the New Year's. Around 75 years old.

Mushi-zushi: Steamed sushi, sushi for winter

simmer black soy beans for around 2 days

New Year's sweet-joyo manju

Cranes are the symbol of longevity
Ingredients-Yamato yam potato, rice flour,
kintoki carrot, red beans and sugar

The color combination of red & white is the symbol of happiness & longevity, and used for the New Year's dishes a lot.