Kaminazuki: Month of early-Autumn

Uzuki in Kaminazuki: October

Cooking is so delightful and cooking with somebody is so enjoyable!
Looking forward to cooking with you in my private kitchen!

Please contact at cooking@kyotouzuki.com

Please visit kyotouzuki.com and Pottery Uzuki blogpage

Please have a look at Janice's Kyoto food article
and Yukari & Shinji Sakamoto 'Food Sake Tokyo'

For vegetable lovers -
Erin and Simon of Never Ending Voyage
Kate of Kind Eats -
Emi’s warmth and vibrant energy is contagious. She is incredibly friendly and welcomed us into her home as if we were old friends visiting from out of town...

Here is the letter from Jitchaya -

Dear Emi-san,
Hello, how are you? I'm Jitchaya, I and my husband, Alex took a private class with you in October 2013.
I hope you remember us. Thank you for teaching and sharing tips in the kitchen. We often make our Japanese dinner with your recipes, 
I actually bought the hon-mirin you showed us and now use it in my kitchen.  I have good news to share. I just cooked some of the dishes I learned from you and got published in a Magazine called Lips Love. It happened to be that I often practice cooking Japanese dishes and have been posting pictures on my Facebook, and one day the editor called me because of seeing the pictures and asked me to cook for the January issue. I was an amateur, but I tried my best. We still talk about our cooking lesson! We're hoping to get back to Kyoto this year again to learn more dishes from you. Thank you very much, arigatogazaimasu, Emi!