My compliments to the young & cute chefs!

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Lila (9 years old) and Theo (13 years old)
Their sushi-rolls look so pretty and cute

Jake (14 years old)
His dishes look perfect

Nicholas (15 years old) and Riley (18 years old)
Nicholas's special is grilled chicken 'Yakitori'
Riley cooked a chicken bowl dish, 'Oyako Donburi'

This year I welcomed a lot of young & cute chefs in my kitchen.
That was my pleasure! I was well impressed by them. They all love cooking, enjoy cooking and they are very good at cooking. I feel so happy I could share a wonderful time with them. Here are some of them, I'm very sorry, unfortunateley I can't introduce all of them.

Autumn Tints

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Uzuki showcase in November

Kyoto is clothed in the autumn tints now. Around my house, in my kitchen and on the plate!
Today's sweets is kinton, I named it 'autumn tints', my original sweets, the colors (orange, red and green) come from Kyoto Kintoki carrot and pumpkin and green soy bean powder.

Basically Japanese sweets are healthier than usual western confectionery; no heavy cream, butter, cheese, eggs...Japanese sweets with vegetables are much healthier, and vegetables bring nice flavors into the sweets, also vegetables' flavor cuts down the amount of sugar in them.
No worry about the chemical ingredients for coloring as well.

This is Kat's 'autumn tints'.

Karin and Alyssa, mom & daughter

Karin & Alyssa's o-bento: autumn boxed meal
So beautiful!

Full of Autumn

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Uzuki showcase in October
flower: hototogisu and itoguruma

My kitchen is full of autumn now! Some kinds of mushrooms, chestnuts, eggplants, pumpkins, sweet potatoes, grapes, ginkgo nuts, persimmons and some fish etc, they are all giving nice flavours to the dishes visitors and I cook. I feel happy every moment during cooking, I can feel autumn closely. And I thank you very much for everything that brings us such a wonderful time.

Autumn salad-shimeji mushrooms, grapes, mizuna, myoga
with sesame-paste dressing

Lovers of cooking

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The attendants of my class are all cooking lovers.
Today's chefs are Zak, Arran & Orla.
We cooked Japanese style pork and potato dish,'kakuni' of pork with Japanese taro potatoes.

Lovers of cooking

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Here are Marjo & Jari from Finland.
They tried sushi-roll and oshizushi,molded sushi. For the dessert matcha, green tea dumplings with red bean paste.

The photos by Jari Puranen

Marjo is trying sushi roll

' Tai no oshizushi ' molded sushi with sea bream

Matcha dumplings with red bean paste
and a bowl of matcha green tea



A Taste of Spring

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Uzuki on a spring evening