Nagoshi no Harae : Summer Purification, 2011

Nagoshi no Harae at Okazaki Shrine on June 30th

Home-made 'Minazuki'

Minazuki : special rice cake sweet for Nagoshi no Harae (the old ritual)
This triangle-shape expresses a piece of ice. In the old lunar calendar June is the mid-summer. People could hardly get ice in the summer time, those days. In stead of ice, they had this sweets, ‘minazuki’ which feels ice, asking for coolness.

The sweet red beans are used for the topping.
Those days Japanese people believed red beans protect us from evils such as diseases, disasters and so on.

Still now we have Minazuki on June 30th every year.

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Minazuki : June

Uzuki in June, 2011

The East Japan earthquake happened on March 11th.
My deep thoughts are with all the people in the devastated areas.

Also we thank you so very much for thinking of Japan and helping us in many ways.

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Karon and Piers

Red shiso/perilla(herb) juice : fresh and pretty!

Perrine →

Laurent ↓

Mary and Robert

Martina and Claig

Classic Kyoto summer dish: Kamonasu no Dengaku/Grilled kamonasu(eggplant/aubergine) with Shiromiso sauce

Their 'Kamonasu no
Dengaku' looks like French cuisine!

Marion and Christophe

Umeshu:Japanese plum liqueur
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umeshu in 2010
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Jemma and Stuart

Green pea rice balls

Early summer miso soup: fuki/butterbur & yuba/soymilk skin
garnish: myoga/ginger (flower) buds

Nanbanzuke: Japanese style escabeche of horse mackerel

Daikon radish salad

Miso soup with asari/tiny clams