Momijigari : Autumn leaves

Momiji/red maple leaves in my neighborhood   →

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on the right: chawanmushi: steamed savoury egg custard
on the left: autumn rice with chestnuts & ginkgo nuts

from the right:Jane, Susan, Gerald and Petra

Autumn tints at Enkoji-Temple, my favorite place!   →

Here is the letter with her beautiful 'Haiku' from Mary Ray Cate

Red maple, big bell
In search of calligraphy
We meet gentle priest.

Three persimmon leaves
Green, red, gold with orange spots
Gifts from my new friend

Dear Emi-san,
Luke and I enjoyed our cooking class very much. Thank you for a unique and delicious experience. Luke and I look forward to trying the recipes you gave us at home. Ogenki de.

Kuri-kinton:my favourite chestnut sweets with matcha(powder green tea)

Please have a look at Kuri-kinton 2009 as well

Duo of lotus root: lotus root balls and chips
Try with sansho (Japanese pepper) or shichimi (Japanese mixed spice)

Kuri no shibukawani: chestnuts(with inner skin) with syrup

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Video maker, Mies Heerma made the film of my sweet making class. Please have a look at this!

Hing, Lou, Jocelyn and Nguyet

Their aki no obento:autumn boxed meal

Yuzu(citrus) flavoured Kyoto miso sauce dish
Kyoto miso(soy bean paste) is sweeter, milder and smoother than the other kinds of Japanese miso. Its color is creamy beige. Made with fermented rice, it has the mild and natural sweetness.

with simmered satoimo/taro potatoes

Marlena & Serena          ↓

Marlena & Serena in Maiko-san kimono costumes!

Fukiyose : Blown by the Autumn wind

Fukiyose chirashizushi

'Fukiyose' is an autumn view; leaves, nuts etc. blown and gathered in the autumn wind make beautiful scenes. I love this scenery!

This month's chirashizushi (scattered sushi) is Fukiyose chirashi.

Chirashi is a typical home-cooked style of sushi; mixed sushi-rice with cooked ingredients + topping with seasonal fish, vegetables, egg omelettes etc.. You can enjoy different and seasonal chirashizushi through the year.

In November, please make Fukiyose chirashi with autumn ingredients, like you paint the Kyoto autumn landscapes!

Uzuki in November

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