Kaminazuki: Month of autumn foliage

Let's have a happy cooking session together!

Cooking is so delightful and cooking with somebody is so enjoyable!

Looking forward to your visit!

Please contact at cooking@kyotouzuki.com
Uzuki in Kaminazuki

Modern style of Shira-ae: seasonal fruit & vegetable salad with creamy tofu dressing
Shira-ae is one of the classic temple style vegetarian dishes

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Dashimaki: Kyoto style eggroll
Please have a look at Janice's Kyoto food article
and Yukari & Shinji Sakamoto 'Food Sake Tokyo'

Aurora & Daniel's letter with a photo

Hello Emi! How are you?
Just want to say thank you so much for the great day we spent at your lovely house and for the yummy cooking lessons.
We will remember our time in Kyoto and your amazing cooking class with great fondness.
Kindest regards,
Aurora and Daniel Bohan

Autumn o-dango: tiny pumpkin & Matcha green tea dumplings with azuki-an/red bean paste
Tofu & vegetable hamburger