Uzuki: Month of Sakura cherry blossoms

Uzuki in uzuki:April

Cooking is so delightful and cooking with somebody is so enjoyable!
Looking forward to cooking with you in my private kitchen!

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Please have a look at Janice's Kyoto food article
and Yukari & Shinji Sakamoto 'Food Sake Tokyo'

For vegetable lovers - spring vegetable dishes
by Kate of Kind Eats

Ichigo-daifuku: mochi rice cake with fresh strawberry

For meat lovers -
We cook meat dishes with vegetables that go very well with meat
The dishes become lighter & healthier with good balance!
Gobo/burdock root & beef-slice sweet soysauce flavoured
Niku-dango: simmered meat balls with seasonal vegetables
Mame-gohan with soboro:green pea rice with Japanese style meat sauce

For fish lovers - Grilled sawara(fish) with kinome

Kinome are the baby leaves of the sansho or Japanese pepper. Now is just the season; we can only enjoy them before the leaves grow too big. Kinome has a distinct flavour and an excellent aroma. I truly love kinome!

Spring dessert by Miss Mochi's Adventures