In anticipation of Spring arrival

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Uzuki showcase in February

By the lunar calendar, February 3rd is called 'Setsubun'.
'Setsubun' is the division between winter and spring, the day before the beginning of spring. And February 4th is the beginning of spring. It is still very cold during February in Kyoto, though. Wishing for spring, in my sweet-making class we make sweets which feel spring in advance.

Berry mochi rice cake

the pink color comes from fresh strawberry juice.
ingredients:red bean paste, Domyoji mochi rice flour, raw sugar and fresh strawberries

sakura mochi; salt pickled cherry blossoms are used, wishing for fresh sakura blossoms

Kyoto sweet, nama-yatsuhashi
ingredients:rice flour, red bean paste, raw sugar, cinnamon powder and soy bean powder

Usually nama yatsuhashi is triangle shaped,
mine is papillote shaped.