Kisaragi: Month of Camellias

Uzuki in Kisaragi: February
flower: Kuroneko-yanagi and Shibori (camellia)

Cooking is so delightful and cooking with somebody is so enjoyable!

Thanks to you, it is my cooking class' 10th anniversary this year!
I'd like to express my deepest gratitude to you all!

I'm very much looking forward to cooking with you in my private kitchen this year!

Please contact at

Some of my recipes have been invited to 'EXPO Worldrecipes 2015
in Milano'- could you have a look at

'EXPO Worldrecipes 2015'

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For vegetable lovers -
Erin and Simon of Never Ending Voyage

Kate of Kind Eats -
Emi’s warmth and vibrant energy is contagious. She is incredibly friendly and welcomed us into her home as if we were old friends visiting from out of town...

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Winter o-bento/boxed food by Charlotte & Shaun

Alannah's dishes

Here is the letter from Nam-
Dear Emi,
A very happy new year! I'm going to host a small party for my friends and their families in March and I'm planing to cook the steamed rice and Dashimaki and a few other things that kids can eat, it should be fun. I'll send you some pictures later on.
Best regards,

Nam & Alex