Kisaragi: Month of tiny spring

Uzuki in Kisaragi:February

Cooking is so delightful!
Looking forward to cooking with you in my kitchen!

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Please visit and Pottery Uzuki blogpage

Please have a look at Janice's Kyoto food article
and Yukari & Shinji Sakamoto 'Food Sake Tokyo'

Dear Emi,
How have you been? I got home to Los Angeles two days ago and have the worst jetlag, but wanted to make sure before I do anything else that I thank you for the wonderful cooking lesson. Camille and I are so excited to try out the recipes. Thank you for accommodating our special dietary needs, for the wonderful instruction and for your pleasant company.
You are so fortunate to live in such a lovely city.
Thank you again.
Fiona and Camille

For fish/seafood & vegetable lovers
Agedashi style of buri/yellowtail & yuba/soy milk skin
Agedashi is deep-fried ingredients served with hot dashi-based soup

For meat lovers
Beef-roll with kintoki carrots & snow peas