Nagatsuki: Month of the beautiful Harvest Moon!

Uzuki in Nagatsuki
Chushu no Meigetsu: the Harvest Moon on Sept. 19th, 2013!

Let's have a happy cooking session together!

Cooking is so delightful and cooking with somebody is so enjoyable!

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We traditionally love tsukimi/moon viewing and have been fascinated with the moon. Particularly the moon in autumn.
It is said the most beautiful full moon appears in mid-September(on August 15th of the luner calendar).
It is called Chushu no Meigetsu/the harvest moon.

Then we offer the moon autumn pampas grass, o-dango/rice dumplings and share the autumn harvest with the moon.

'Uzuki', my cooking class name is the old name for April, to be precise, the fourth month of the lunar calendar.
Also I named it 'Uzuki' with the meaning of 'a rabbit (u) and the moon (zuki)', as ancient Japanese believed rabbits live on the moon and pound rice cakes.

Please have a look at Tsukimi dango

Kamonasu no Dengaku:Kyoto style eggplant/aubergine with shiro miso sauce