Fuzuki : Month of Star dust

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♪♪Cooking & eating is enjoyable♪♪, in my favourite fairy tale, 'Guri and Gura' sing this song. I do feel the same!
And cooking and eating together with somebody is much much more enjoyable!!

Let's have a happy cooking session!

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Uzuki in Fuzuki: July

Kyoto classic summer dish: Kamonasu no Dengaku
Fried eggplant/aubergine with miso(soy bean paste)sauce
left: Kyoto shiro-miso;sweeter flavour miso sauce
right: Aka-miso;saltier, stronger flavour miso sauce
Which one would you like?

Red-shiso (herb leaves)

Red-shiso juice

Inari-zushi :usuage(thin deep-fried tofu) wrapped sushi