Uzuki : Month of Sakura!

Uzuki in Uzuki:April

Thank you so very much for thinking of Japan and helping us in many ways!

Let's have a happy cooking session and share an enjoyabe time together!

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Mame-gohan/cooked rice with fresh green peas

Sakura in Kyoto the photo by Alice Mosdell

Good brothers, James & Jared are cooking spring dishes together!

Spring salad of nanohana(rape colza blossoms)and scallops with karashi-sumiso/Kyoto-style miso sauce-dressing by Jane Lawson

Hirousu: Kyoto-style deepfried tofu ball

Narelle & Felicity

Brandon & Chris

Catherine & Elvin

Spring vegetarian dishes by Courtney & Jason, Elise & Eivind

from the left: Courtney, Eivind, Elise and Jason

Here is the letter with a photo from Jane & Andy.

Dear Emi,

We have had a great time cooking some of your recipes,unfortunately lotus root is out of season. The diakon,carrot and mizuna with sesame dressing served with Australian ocean trout marinated in your recipe and grilled.was a great success as was the red rice. I also served chawan mushi, some pickles and homemade miso soup which was all very good. The family came around and were very impressed.The photo tells the story.The beef rolls will have to wait a few months as the leeks are not good at present. We had fun cooking and remembering our time cooking with you.

We hope you enjoy the viewing cherry blossom. It is starting to get cooler here and the daylight is much shorter now.

Thanks again for sharing your recipes with us.

Jane and Andy

Spring sweets
on the left Sakura mochi
on the right Nama-yatsuhashi a la Uzuki

Debora & Rene