Kisaragi : Feel a sign of spring!

Uzuki in Kisaragi:February

Thank you so very much for thinking of Japan and helping us in many ways!

Let's have a happy cooking session and share an enjoyabe time together!

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Here is the letter from Michele Ouellet --
Hello Emi,
My sister-in-law Carmen left Japan today; everyday that she was here we spoke about last week's class and tried to remember details of the experience. First, it was very interesting to be inside a Japanese kitchen. I have Japanese friends but I have never gone past the dining room! It was also nice to watch you work, how you orchestrate all these parallel cooking activities so that everything is ready at the same time. Some of the ingredients we used were new to us, for instance the sansho peppers, those really blew our mind with their numbing, their tingling and their explosions of taste; getting some in the kitchen is very high on both our to-do lists. Each dish was excellent, the combinations were lovely. The atmosphere in the kitchen was pleasant. Carmen has bought Japanese cookbooks since, and my own interest in cooking new dishes was stimulated by this meeting.
Michele Ouellet

winter kinton(sweets) I named 'a slight sign of spring'!
ingredients: white bean, Yamato-imo/yam potato with sugar and just a little matcha/powder green tea & kintoki carrot

from the left:Tom, Jack, Victoria and Lily

from the left:Will, Siena and Harry