Uzuki in Shiwasu : Thank you so very much!

I thank you all so much for coming to my kitchen and sharing the enjoyable time together this year!

Also thank you so much for thinking of Japan and helping us in many ways!

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Mary Ray Cate has sent
the beautiful Haiku poetry for the holiday season.

On the hillside lie
Grey skeletons of pinons
Cradling new green trees.

Here is the letter from Stephanie-

Vicki and I would just like to let you know, how very much we enjoyed the afternoon cooking with you. I would also like to say how much I appreciated the extent you went to for myself, by showing and cooking vegetarian foods. Your meal was amongst the best food I have tasted in Japan, and I will try these recipes for myself when I get home. Thank you once again for your hospitality.

If you like,
Pottery Uzuki blogpage as well

Here are winter dishes by Magali & Jeremie
the top: fried namafu(raw wheat gluten) with shiro miso sauce
the center: brochette of beef-roll, shiro negi(similar to leek, but thinner & softer) and ginkgo nuts
at the bottom:
renkon & ebi o-yaki; Japanese style lotus root galette or lotus root pancake with prawns!
Their pretty nama-yatsuhashi sweets

Magali & Jeremie

Maia's o-bento:boxed meal, she loves Kyoto style o-bento!

Horenso no goma-ae:dressed salad of spinach