Kaminazuki : Month of gods

Let's have a cooking session, have an enjoyable time together!

Uzuki in October
vase: 'Keikan-ko' flower vase
flower: Murasaki-shikibu

Thank you so very much for thinking of Japan and helping us in many ways.

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Simmered vegetables & koyadofu with crab-meat sauce
the photo by Christopher

Tom loves chestnuts, Uriel loves all Japanese foods!

Fresh fig & boiled okura salad with sesame-miso(soybean paste)sauce
Kuri no shibukawa-ni: chestnut with syrup
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Helena & Jan

Matcha/green tea Shiratama-dango/mochi balls with grapes & red bean paste

an autumn salad: shimeji mushrooms, kaki/persimmons and grapes