Yayoi : early spring flavour

The Tohoku-Kanto earthquake happened on March 11th.
My deep thoughts are with all the people in the devastated areas.

Right now I've received lots of emails from people over the world that tell
they are with us, Japan.

Thank you so very much for thinking of Japan and helping us in many ways.

Uzuki in Yayoi/March

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Jenny's spring chirashi-zushi/scattered sushi: the photo by Jenny Hall
ingredients: kodai no sasazuke/sweet vinegared tiny seabream, anago, prawns,nanohana, mitsuba etc..
Haru no chirashi-zushi: spring scattered sushi
Rape blossoms convey spring!

Please have a look at Momo no Settuku and Spring is hereⅰ
Also please have a look at Fukiyose chirashizushi

From the right: Nathalie, Jodie & Roy

from the right: Nigel & Robyn, Isabel & Bennett