Autumn is here to stay! 

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Video maker, Mies Heerma made the film of my sweet making class. Please have a look at this!

Lexi & her aunt, Connie
They are wearing Lexi's handmade mufflers, with antique Kimono textile. So beautiful!

burdock roots, kintoki carrots and sweet potatoes

Autumn kakiage tempura

Alexandru is making kimpira gobo      →

Kimpira gobo:light fried burdock & kintoki carrot seasoned with raw sugar, soysauce, red pepper

Dashimaki : Kyoto style egg omelette

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Dashimaki: Kyoto style egg omelette

Jean-Paul with his perfect dashimaki!

Dashimaki is one of the Kyoto specialities. As this contains lots of dashi/broth, it's very soft & mild. My favourite!

Kaminazuki : fascinated with wild flowers & chirping insects

Uzuki in October

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Lovely days have continued here, in Kyoto!
Enjoy the fresh and nice autumn vegetables and fruits, they are blessings from the autumn!

Pumpkin balls with vegetable amber sauce
ingredients: pumpkin, dried shiitake(mushrooms) and carrot
garnish: grated ginger

Autumn salad with sesame creamy dressing
1 - fresh fig, nagaimo yam, myoga(ginger flower bud), mitsuba(trefoil)

2 - mizuna(leaves), pumpkin and shimeji(mushrooms)

3 - persimmons, lotusroots, grapes and mitsuba(trefoil)

One of the classic steamed dishes, Chawanmushi:steamed savoury egg custard

Gomadofu:sesame creamy tofu
One of the classic temple vegetarian dishes