Nagatsuki : Autumn is coming!

Uzuki in September

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Kuri-gohan:cooked rice with chestnuts

Cooked rice with sweet potatoes

Tsukimi-dango a la Uzuki: plain, kuri-an(chestnut paste) and azuki-an(red bean paste) dango

Happily it's getting a little cooler here, in Kyoto. The 'bell-ringing' crickets have started singing and the air feels clear, that means autumn is here!
Let's start enjoying the autumn harvest with thanks to the nature.

Takikomi-gohan: cooked rice with tiny dried shrimps, gobo/burdock roots and carrots

Rice dish is one of the autumn blessings.
New rice has very good flavour & moisture.

Omusubi/rice balls with nori seaweeds