Fuzuki : Month of Gion Festival

Uzuki in July
Tettusen in 'Oranda'
style vase

This year's Gion Matsuri chimaki from Naginata hoko(float); Chimaki keeps us away from evils like disease throughout the year.

During July we have the biggest festival, Gion Matsuri/Gion Festival.
Gion Matsuri has another name, 'hamo matsuri' as we have a lot of hamo (fish) dishes during the festival. Hamo is pike conger, a long fish, looks like an eel. But the taste is quite diferrent from eels. I like eel dishes, but I love hamo dishes much better. Hamo has a sophisticated taste, not greasy.

Please visit Gion Matsuri : Hamo Matsuri as well

Please visit the website as well

Green tea shiratama dango with red bean paste,
summer fruits and soy bean powder

Hisui nasu: boiled aubergine/eggplant salad
Hisui is jade in Japanese, as the colour looks like jade

She's good at making a beautiful hamo peony!

Kyoto classic hamo soup:botan-hamo(peony flower soup)as the fillet of hamo in the soup looks like a peony flower

Hamo ↑

Fresh wasabi

Jessica is making Kuzu
zakura:cool sweet

kuzu zakura : kuzu starch + red bean paste

Joshua is making 'Yakitori'
Jessica and Joshua both love cooking!

Tom & Mike : nice brothers love Japanese foods! →

Caden Sachiko & Justus Kazuo with their mom

Kakiage tempura of scallops & mitsuba leaves