Satsuki : Month of Irises and wisterias

Uzuki in satsuki; May
flower: shobu, that is for Tango no Settuku
(originally an old celebration for boys, to wish their vital growth, held on May 5th)
Kashiwa-mochi: Tango no Settuku sweet; wrapped with an oak leaf, as it is believed that oak leaves don't wither

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Wisterias in my neighborhood

Agedashi dofu by Abby →

Isabelle is making 'sunomono' (souced salad)

Sabina is making soboro-an (Japanese kind of meat-sauce/salsa bolognese?)

Soboro-an: ground meat sauce
stirring quickly with chopsticks

on the right: green peas & shiitake mushrooms with soboro-an
on the left: sunomono;souced salad of scallops, cucumbers and myogo(ginger buds)

Capucine is delighted with her perfect nori(seaweed)-roll!

Leda is making sesame dressed salad.

She's very good at making omusubi/rice balls as well!

Capucine's cute dessert

She's enjoying making dessert!

Lisa, Michael and Mitsu