Root vegetables ⅱ: flavors of earth

Fascination for root vegetables!
We have root vegetables a lot during autumn through winter.
They are nutritious and keep us warm!

Furofuki daikon with yuzu miso:
daikon radish with yuzu flavored Kyoto miso sauce
1 boil daikon in rice water

2 simmer daikon with dashi(broth)

3 serve with yuzu miso

Winter Kyo-yasai/vegetable:Kintoki carrot, maru-daikon and mizuna

Winter salad

Beef-roll with burdockroot

Buri-daikon: yellowtail + daikon radish
Typical winter simmered dish, which goes very well with hot sake(rice wine)!

Homemade Senmai-zuke: Pickled turnip, Kyoto winter specialty

Frances & Jazza

Here is misozuke; miso pickled fish or meat,
my favorite winter grilled dish! As Kyoto style miso (soy bean paste) is used, this has mild & sweet flavors.

Buri no misozuke : miso pickled and grilled yellowtail

gyuniku no misozuke -- marinade beef fillets with Kyoto style miso and sweet rice wine for a couple of days

Sawara no miso & kasu zuke -- Kyoto miso + sake kasu(sake lees) pickled sawara(fish)

Love for Kintoki carrot!
Since I was small, Kyoto kintoki carrot has been my favorite.

Kintoki carrot cake

Kintoki carrot & apple jam

Kintoki carrot mochi balls with red bean paste, apple compote and soy bean powder

Happy New Year 2010!

Uzuki on New Year's, 2010

'A Happy New Year' to you all!
Wishing you all good health & happiness in 2010.
And I do hope this year brings peace all over the world!

I'm looking forward to having cooking sessions with you this year!
Sharing an enjoyable time together is wonderful!

If you like, please visit the website as well

3 kinds of 'iwai zakana'

Ikura no mizore-ae; red caviar with grated daikon radish

Sekihan : Cooked rice with red beans
We make this for celebrations

Alison & Fergus, Lizzy & Catherine

seven herbs-seri:water dropwort, nazuna:shepherd's purse, gogyo:cudweed, hakobera:chickweed,hotokenoza:henbit, suzuna:turnip and suzushiro:daikon radish

nanakusa-gayu:rice gruel with seven herbs

On Jan. 7th traditionally we have this seven herb rice gruel to wish our health throughout this year.