Kiku no Settuku : Month of Chrysanthemum

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Uzuki showcase in September
flower: hototogisu,kin-mizuhiki and chrysanthemum

Today I'll introduce 2 dishes. The first one is Japanese style simmered beef with burdock root; gobou in Japanese.
As you know, we started having beef around 130-40 years ago, when Japan started having westernization. When we use meat as an ingredient, we cook it, thinking of being well-balanced and well-matched;usually we cook meat with vegetables which go well with it. Beef matches well with burdock root, duck or chicken go well with negi(a little similar to leek).

Burdock is my favourite root vegetable! I love its earthy, mild flavour and the crispy texture. It contains dietary fibers a lot.

The second dish is inside-out sushi roll.
Usually nori(seaweed)-sheet comes outside, but this roll is different, sushi-rice comes outside.