Kigo (season word) is one of the important elements on classical Japanese poetry like waka or haiku. Edamame can be one of the best kigo for the summer poetry as we find and have the fresh one during the summer in Japan.

Edamame are young green soybeans still in their pod.
Its color is bright green and the flavor is light.

Boiled edamame perfectly compliment cold beer in summer in Japan.
It has become more and more popular in some other countries as well.

Edamame-tofu is a different type of tofu, made with edamame
and Kuzu(a kind of starch made from the Japanese Kuzu vine).
Edamame are high in protein and Kuzu stimulates good blood circulation.

Served with a cold broth sauce and a little wasabi, chilled edamame-tofu is wonderfully suited to summer!

A Edamame-tofu
Edamame paste(boiled and strained edamame beans without the shell) 100ml
Kuzu(starch) 70ml
Water 450ml

B Dashi stock(konbu seaweeds & katsuo/bonito fish flakes)based broth sauce
Broth (any vegetable stock can be substituted) 100ml
Light type soysauce 25ml
Mirin(sweet rice wine) 25ml

A little grated wasabi and a few boiled edamame beans for the garnish

1. Put the edamame paste, Kuzu(starch)and water in a bowl and mix well
2. Strain 1. and put in a pan
3. Put 2. on medium-low heat and keep stirring fot around 20 minutes
to make a smooth paste
4. Place 3. in a close container and chill it in the fridge for 20 minutes
5. Put all the broth sauce ingredients(B) in a pan and warm them
6. Cool 5.
7. Put a small piece of 4. on a plate and pour cool broth sauce
8. Garnish a little wasabi and some pieces of boiled edamame