Kaminazuki : Month of the beautiful moon!

Uzuki in Kaminazuki: October
Tsukimi dango: rice dumplings for the autumn moon-viewing!

In Japan, it is said that the most beautiful moon appears in autumn.
We truly love 'tsukimi'(moon-viewing in English)!
Since old times, the full moon in the 8th month
and the waxing moon in the 9th month (both in the lunar calendar) have been appreciated.

On the 27th of October this year, we’ll celebrate a beautiful waxing moon.
On this day, tsukimi dango or rice dumplings with some autumn treasures, like chestnuts or edamame pod soybeans are offered to the moon.
We share the autumn harvest with the moon.

Dango is a kind of casual sweet food, and often served with red bean paste (azukian). This month’s paste is edamame paste called 'zunda'. Zunda is a beautiful green and can be a healthy topping for dango dumplings. Have a beautiful moon-viewing and enjoy tsukimi dango!