Fuzuki: Month of Star Festival

Uzuki in Fuzuki;July

Let's have a happy cooking session together!

Cooking is so delightful and cooking with somebody is so enjoyable!

Looking forward to your visit!

Please contact at cooking@kyotouzuki.com

Please visit kyotouzuki.com and Pottery Uzuki blogpage

Here is the letter from Ben -
Dear Emi,
Nim and I had a fantastic evening. Not only did we learn so much but the warmth of you and your home was incredible.
I can say confidently the night will rank as one of our greatest memories of Japan.
With best wishes and thanks again

Amazu shoga: sweet vinegared ginger

O-bento/boxed meal of chicken & egg

Asazuke: light vegetable pickles

Ben's sushi

Rice-vinegar drink with Japanese cherries