Minazuki : Month of Water

Minazuki : special uiro/rice cake for June


Uzuki in Minazuki/June

Thank you so very much for thinking of Japan and helping us in many ways!

♪♪Cooking & eating is enjoyable♪♪, in my favourite fairy tale, 'Guri and Gura' sing this song. I do feel the same!
And cooking and eating together with somebody is much much more enjoyable!!

Let's have a happy cooking session!

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Sansho : Japanese pepper

Mita & Nao

Fried katsuo/bonito(fish) with seasonal vegetables

Junjie & Hon-Cheng nice friends!

broad beans; now they are in the season!

Sansho : Japanese pepper at the back,
at the front: home-made amazu shoga/sweet pickled ginger
I love it!

Nukazuke:rice bran pickled vegetables ↑