Spring flavours!

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Uzuki showcase in April
on the right : Irabo tea bowl
on the left: sake bottle-shape flower vase
flower : miyako wasure, ko-demari

Fuki no yuba maki : fuki wrapped with soy milk skin

In spring please enjoy a little bitter with sweet flavors.
Spring vegetables have all a little
bitter, which is vital energy of buds, sprouts and shoots, which is I feel a breath of spring. Fuki, nanohana;rape blossoms, takenoko; bamboo shoots, udo, broad beans, green peas etc. have their own sweet flavors with subtle bitter.
Kinome (Sansho baby leaves) is the best garnish for spring dishes and udo also has a distinct flavor; they are both aromatic.
Please enjoy these spring specials as the window of opportunity is very short!

Broad beans & spinach salad with thick tofu dressing

Udo is a fragrant plant

Spring vegetables: nanohana,udo and green peas

Kinome: Sansho pepper baby-leaves                

Dengaku : grilled namafu with kinome miso paste

Endo-mame gohan : cooked rice with green peas

Christy and Sophia are making molded rice!

Marjo's spring dishes

right- Sarah is preparing fuki
left- Nick is tasting his sushi rolls

Emma & Laura

Emma & Laura
in the Kyoto spring dance,'Miyako Odori' costumes!

Momo no Settuku : Girl's Festival

Please visit the website- kyotouzuki.com

Video maker, Mies Heerma made the film of my sweet making class. Please have a look at this!

Uzuki showcase
in March

My grandma in law's hand made dolls

We have 'Momo(peach blossoms) no Settuku':the Girl's Festival on March 3rd, which is an old annual festival for girls. We decorate the dolls dressed in old court costumes and wish good health and happiness for girls.