Uzuki in Satsuki : fascinated with fresh greens!!

May brings lots of fresh vegetables!


Magali & Jeremie had a tea ceremony at Uzuki pottery studio!
As for 'tea ceremony at Uzuki pottery',
please contact at Pottery Uzuki

Grilled takenoko/bamboo shoots

Tai no Kinome-yaki/Grilled seabream kinome flavoured

Kinome & Takenoko: one of the finest duos!
on the right: takenoko/bamboo shoots
on the left: kinome/sansho baby leaves(sprigs)

Takenoko no kinome-ae: kinome dressed bamboo shoots

We have now takenoko or bamboo shoots. As you might know, bamboo shoots turn into bamboo stalks quickly. So the window of the opportunity is very short, too. The taste of takenoko is plain with the subtle flavor.
Bamboo shoots and kinome have quite different characters each other. They meet in May and make a very good harmony together. Indeed kinome and bamboo shoots are the finest duo of May.

Takenoko: bamboo shoots

Boil bamboo shoots with rice bran & red pepper to make the flavour more beautiful!
If you could get a new born, very fresh one, there's no need even to boil!