Fuzuki : July

Let's have a cooking session, have an enjoyable time together!

Uzuki in Fuzuki/July
flower: tora-no-o, kikyou and rikyu-so

Thank you so very much for thinking of Japan and helping us in many ways.

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From the left: Stephanie, Alysa and Kimberly
They all love Japanese music, dramas and foods!
Please have a look at Matcha Shiratama Dango

Poonam & Adrien's seafood 'shumai'

From the left: Heather, Karen, John and Linda

Gomazu-ae is Japanese-style dressed salad made with sesame seeds (or paste)
and rice vinegar.
Sesame (goma) is rich in minerals, vitamin E, vitamin B. It is said to lower blood
pressure, regulate cholesterol levels and have anti-aging properties. Rice
vinegar (kome-zu) is said to reduce fatigue, and clean the blood. It also has an antiseptic effect which can prevent food poisoning. Both goma and kome-zu are super for our health, particularly in the summer!
This month I will introduce 2 different dressings using these
ingredients. Made with fresh summer vegetables, these salads will boost your health and help cool the body during the hot days of summer.
Boiled aubergine/eggplant with sesame creamy dressing ↑
Ingen no gomazu-ae;sesame dressed green beans ↑

Aaron and Henry
Henry is wearing 'Gegege no Kitaro' T-shirt! (on the right)

Their vegetarian dishes