Satsuki : May in green

Uzuki in Satsuki: May

The East Japan earthquake happened on March 11th.
My deep thoughts are with all the people in the devastated areas.

Also we thank you so very much for thinking of Japan and helping us in many ways.

Old Otsu-e hanging-scroll: Fuji musume/Wisteria girl

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From the left: Thomas & Amy, Robert and Daryl
They all love cooking very much!

Takenoko gohan : cooked rice with bamboo shoots

Takenoko : bamboo shoots

Kinome/sansho(kind of pepper) baby leaves

New onion stew a la Uzuki; Japanese farci?
New onions are soft and sweet. Simmer in dashi(Japanese broth) with a little mirin(sweet rice wine) and soysauce, try not to destroy onion's mild flavour.

Popular home-cooked dish; korokke (Japanese croquette)
Spring korokke using fresh green peas & new potatoes, with Kyoto shiro-miso sauce

Spring deep-fried dish with broth soup - the photo by Louise
ingredients: tai/seabream, fuki/Japanese butterbur, takenoko/bamboo shoots


Yomogi(mugwort); spring grass, this has fabulous fragrance!
They are from my neighborhood!