Thank you so much!

Isabelle, Sabina and Jerome
the photo by Giacinto

I thank you all so much for coming to my kitchen and having the wonderful cookig sessions together this year!
Every lesson I had a very good time.

Wishing you all the lovely and peaceful holidays!

Once again thank you so much!!

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Yuzu-yu: hot yuzu tea

Here is the letter from Elaine --

Hello Emi,

I just wanted to thank you for our wonderful cooking class we had with you. We all agree that it was one of our highlights to Japan and definitely the most delicious meal we had while on holidays.

I hope to come back to Kyoto and doing another class with you some time soon.

Elaine Phillip Marlena and Serena Stekhoven

Shungiku mochi
The outside: mochi rice flour, shungiku/green leaves and sugar and kinako/soy bean powder dusted
The inside: red beans and sugar

Emilie and Gerald with their kinton

Shirohana mame/white bean
Azuki/red bean

Uzuki in Shiwasu : the beginning of winter

Uzuki in December

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From the right: Lisa, Mary and Tracy
with sweet potato& kintoki carrot soup
They love Japanese vegetables!

Yuzu kabura: pickled turnips with yuzu(citrus) flavour
My favourite winter pickles!

ko-kabura:small turnips