Verdurous Season

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Here is an elegant sweet, May special kinton.

Kinton: verdure
ingredients: white beans, broad beans and sugar

This is my sweet-making textbook, a quite old book that was written by a famous sweet shop's owner-chef about 50 years ago!

Kelsey's kinton : wisteria
Looks pretty!

Kelsey & Joe are making right now!

Lynn & Wing

← fuki & prawn  

with thick tofu dressing

Wing's 'tai no kinome yaki' Grilled sea bream with kinome miso sauce

His decoration looks like a French dish!

Nukazuke,a kind of tsukemono(pickles):
rice bran (bed) pickled vegetables
I suppose nukazuke is the best tsukemono during the spring and summer, there is a large variety of pickles, though.

Put some vegetables into the bran bed

Make your home a lovely ' izakaya ' !

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Izakaya is the Japanese casual-style bar, there you can enjoy a lot of dishes with drink.
Here are popular izakaya dishes.
Please make your home a lovely izakaya with these dishes and
refresh yourself!

Cucumber & crab meat sweet vinegared salad

Daikon radish salad

Yakitori: Grilled chicken & negi(Japanese kind of leek)

The May Duo

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Uzuki showcase in May

Finest duo of May - on the left: Kinome/Sansho baby leaves(sprigs)
on the right: Takenoko/bamboo shoots