Kyoto, Japan : full of Sakura with lots of Hope!

The East Japan earthquake happened on March 11th.
My deep thoughts are with all the people in the devastated areas.

Right now I've received lots of emails from people over the world that tell
they are with us, Japan.

Thank you so very much for thinking of Japan and helping us in many ways.

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Now Sakura is in full-bloom all over Kyoto!

Sakura in my neighborhood.

Haru no o-bentou: Boxed lunch for Sakura viewing picnic

Video maker, Mies Heerma made the film of my sweet making class. Please have a look at this!

from the right: Louise, Dimitri and Anjuna with their pretty dessert!

Sakura-mochi; a Kyoto spring classic
Sakura- mochi is a (Domyoji) rice sweet with sweet red bean paste inside, wrapped with the salt pickled sakura/cherry leaf.
The slight saltiness of sakura leaves makes a good contrast with
the sweet red bean paste.
Generally the pink colouring is used for the mochi rice dough to show sakura's pink, however, I prefer not to use artificial additives.

on the left: Domyoji rice flour, on the right: red bean paste
salt pickled sakura(cherry) leaf

Mame-gohan:green pea rice with salt pickled sakura (cherry blossom)

Nanohana (rape blossoms) no sumiso-ae: boiled nanohana with Kyoto shiro-miso(sweet & mild type soy bean paste) & rice vinegar sauce

Tiny clams & nanohana(rape blossoms) sumiso-ae (shiro miso sauce)

Annette with her spring dishes!

Hamaguri no shiro-miso wan:clam shiro-miso soup with nanohana(rape blossoms)

Shellfish & nanohana is the best spring combination!

Creamy beige Kyoto shiro-miso is sweeter, milder and smoother than the other kinds of Japanese miso(soy bean paste). Made with the double amount of fermented rice, this miso has a sweetness that is mild and natural.

Pastel green soup
Ingredients: green peas, Kyoto shiro miso(soy bean paste), yuba(soy milk skin)
and combu broth
sakura shaped daikon-radish for the garnish
This is very much a spring soup-dish!

Strawberry flavoured shiratama-mochi balls with red bean paste & fresh strawberries

Strawberry-mochi: my original sweet, mashed fresh strawberry gives nice and fruity flavour

Kyoto sweet: Nama-Yatsuhashi
rice crepe with red bean paste, cinnamon & soy bean powder

Fuki(kind of Japanese butterbur or rhubarb, celerly) rolled with yuba(soymilk skin)

                  Creamy tofu dressed fuki

spring steamed dish
ingredients: tai/seabream, nanohana/rape blossoms, shiitake mushrooms with grated daikon radish

Haru daikon: spring daikon radish
Grating daikon radish with 'oroshi-gane'(a copper grater)