Root vegetables ⅱ: flavors of earth

Fascination for root vegetables!
We have root vegetables a lot during autumn through winter.
They are nutritious and keep us warm!

Furofuki daikon with yuzu miso:
daikon radish with yuzu flavored Kyoto miso sauce
1 boil daikon in rice water

2 simmer daikon with dashi(broth)

3 serve with yuzu miso

Winter Kyo-yasai/vegetable:Kintoki carrot, maru-daikon and mizuna

Winter salad

Beef-roll with burdockroot

Buri-daikon: yellowtail + daikon radish
Typical winter simmered dish, which goes very well with hot sake(rice wine)!

Homemade Senmai-zuke: Pickled turnip, Kyoto winter specialty

Frances & Jazza

Here is misozuke; miso pickled fish or meat,
my favorite winter grilled dish! As Kyoto style miso (soy bean paste) is used, this has mild & sweet flavors.

Buri no misozuke : miso pickled and grilled yellowtail

gyuniku no misozuke -- marinade beef fillets with Kyoto style miso and sweet rice wine for a couple of days

Sawara no miso & kasu zuke -- Kyoto miso + sake kasu(sake lees) pickled sawara(fish)

Love for Kintoki carrot!
Since I was small, Kyoto kintoki carrot has been my favorite.

Kintoki carrot cake

Kintoki carrot & apple jam

Kintoki carrot mochi balls with red bean paste, apple compote and soy bean powder