Happy New Year 2010!

Uzuki on New Year's, 2010

'A Happy New Year' to you all!
Wishing you all good health & happiness in 2010.
And I do hope this year brings peace all over the world!

I'm looking forward to having cooking sessions with you this year!
Sharing an enjoyable time together is wonderful!

If you like, please visit the website as well

3 kinds of 'iwai zakana'

Ikura no mizore-ae; red caviar with grated daikon radish

Sekihan : Cooked rice with red beans
We make this for celebrations

Alison & Fergus, Lizzy & Catherine

seven herbs-seri:water dropwort, nazuna:shepherd's purse, gogyo:cudweed, hakobera:chickweed,hotokenoza:henbit, suzuna:turnip and suzushiro:daikon radish

nanakusa-gayu:rice gruel with seven herbs

On Jan. 7th traditionally we have this seven herb rice gruel to wish our health throughout this year.