In the moonlit night

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Uzuki showcase in the moonlight

By the old lunar calendar it is considered that the most beautiful full moon appears in the mid-autumn. This year tomorrow, on the evening of Oct. 3rd we'll be able to appreciate it. We Japanese love the moon viewing very much. When we have the full moon viewing in autumn, o-dango(tiny dumplings of rice cake) and some seasonal ingredients, like sato-imo(taro potatoes), kuri(chestnuts) and autumn fruits such as grapes etc. are offered with pampas grass to the moon.
Hoping to have a moonlit night tomorrow!

O-dango: tiny dumplings with a rabbit!
As we have an old folk-tale that rabbits live on the moon and pound rice cakes.

Shungiku-dango: dumplings of 'shungiku' green leaves with red bean paste

Shira-ae: tofu dressed salad
Traditional style - dried shiitake mushroom, lotus root and Kyoto carrot

Fruity one - kaki(persimmon) and green beans