Listen to autumn flavours!

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Here are Autumn vegetarian dishes, but Kyoto people
have these as usual dishes in autumn.
We appreciate fresh ingredient's flavour,
don't use a lot of seasonings not to destroy their natural
A Japanese word, 'kiki-zake' is listening to sake(wine);
'kiki-zake' means sake(wine)-tasting in English. Enjoying ingredients'flavours is
listening to their sweet voices, or their whispers, I feel!

Top-right: simmered yuba(soy-milk skin) & taro potato
with vegetable sauce

Chestnut rice

Aki no shira-ae:
Autumn salad with thick tofu dressing
shimeji mushroom, Japanese pear and green bean

Yaki-nasu no miso shiru:
Miso soup with grilled eggplant(aubergine)
Garnish: myoga