Kuri-Kinton : An autumn speciality!

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When I think of autumn foods, kuri (chestnuts) comes to mind first.
It’s hard work to remove the burr, outside skin and inner skin.
But during the work, when I start imagining the tasty cooked chestnuts with the nice flavor, the preparation pain disappears immediately. 
To me, a Kyoto person chestnuts are a gift from autumn, or from nature, it seems.
After enduring Kyoto's hot and muggy summer, we are given a wonderful gift from nature: autumn and chestnuts.
Many people in the old days and today, too enjoy collecting chestnuts at chestnut groves in the countryside.
Although chestnuts are on sale at the market in season, it's more fun to gather chestnuts on our own and cook them.

During the chestnut season I make kuri gohan (rice cooked with chestnuts),
simmered chestnuts with chicken, healthy sweets and so on.
If there is just one chestnut dish on the table, the meal with it would become special, a celebration of autumn!

There are some kinds of kuri sweets, my fovorite is 'kuri-kinton'.
It's simple to make this sweet - Steam or boil chestnuts without removing skins, scoop out the inside, add some sugar to it and mix it. Please enjoy simply the taste and flavour of chestnuts and autumn!